Bautzen – City of Towers

Bautzen, known as the city of towers, is a lovely hill-top town in eastern Saxony with a population of about 40,000 people. Known for its Bautz’ner Senf, there’s a whole … Read more

Grand Budapest Görlitz

Many people have heard that Wes Anderson filmed his 2014 movie The Grand Budapest Hotel in the Kaufhaus in Görlitz, but did you know that the film is packed with other scenes … Read more

Day Trip to Wroclaw

Why Wroclaw in Poland is also worth a day trip (or more) from Görlitz The cities of Görlitz and Zgorzelec have a great success story to celebrate in terms of … Read more

Shop Designs by Tessa

Looking for a souvenir to commemorate your visit to Görlitz or just want to show everyone how much you love our city? I created this design by turning a photograph … Read more

The Hall Houses of Görlitz

The city of Görlitz is applying for UNESCO World Heritage site status for the many well-preserved hall houses in the city. These houses are unique to Görlitz because they were … Read more

Jonsdorf – Mountain Spa Town

Jonsdorf, a cute little village located in the Zittau Mountains known as a Luftkurort – literally an “air spa”, is a town that has been declared a health resort for … Read more

Joachimstein Water Palace

This forgotten and neglected water palace was once one of the most beautiful in the region, designed and built by the same architects who worked on some of the masterpieces … Read more

Make Time for Görlitz

Everyone has heard of amazing Berlin, Prague and Wroclaw. You probably have these places on your travel wish list, or have already been – and rightly so! But right in … Read more