Shop Designs by Tessa

Looking for a souvenir to commemorate your visit to Görlitz or just want to show everyone how much you love our city? I created this design by turning a photograph I’d taken into a fun retro image. The Neisse River is nice! T-Shirt designs by Tessa Approves Visit my Teespring store to order now – … Read more

The Hall Houses of Görlitz

The city of Görlitz is applying for UNESCO World Heritage site status for the many well-preserved hall houses in the city. These houses are unique to Görlitz because they were built in a unique style during a time when the city was flourishing and tradesman were looking to create spaces where they could both show … Read more

Jonsdorf – Mountain Spa Town

Jonsdorf, a cute little village located in the Zittau Mountains known as a Luftkurort – literally an “air spa”, is a town that has been declared a health resort for its good air and climate which are considered beneficial for the relaxation, restoration and health of its visitors. These locations are awarded this title after … Read more

Joachimstein Water Palace

This forgotten and neglected water palace was once one of the most beautiful in the region, designed and built by the same architects who worked on some of the masterpieces of Baroque architecture in Dresden. Today it lies hidden and empty just across the border in Poland. August the Strong was Elector of Saxony and … Read more

Make Time for Görlitz

Everyone has heard of amazing Berlin, Prague and Wroclaw. You probably have these places on your travel wish list, or have already been – and rightly so! But right in the middle of these famous bucket list destinations is a little city of 56,000 people that also deserves your attention! Maybe this is the first … Read more


Markersdorf is an unassuming place with surprising ties to important historical figures and events. The idyllic little village lies just to the west of Görlitz in Upper Lusatia. At the foot of the Landeskrone mountain, the village is arranged along the little Weißer Schöps river, part of the Elbe river system.   The village was … Read more

Das Henne-Ei-Problem

Sind Ihre Speisekarten schon auf Englisch? Ihre Broschüren? Ihre Webseiten? Es wird oft gesagt: “Wir haben nicht so viele englischsprachige Gäste, wozu brauchen wir Übersetzungen?” Da haben wir das Henne-Ei-Problem: vielleicht kommen die englischsprachigen Gäste nicht, weil Sie ihnen kein Werbe- und Informationsmaterial auf Englisch anbieten können. Gäste fragen mich oft wo sie am besten … Read more

Zgorzelec: Across the Bridge!

One of the unique things about Görlitz is that it’s right across the bridge from Poland and one can walk between the two countries without any kind of border check. The cities of Görlitz and Zgorzelec enjoy a close partnership and cooperation. This has not always been the case, however, and one of the things … Read more

Hiking in Löbau

Löbau is a city in Saxony and Upper Lusatia, about 25 km southwest of Görlitz. It can be reached easily by train or bus. With a population of about 15,000 people, the city lies between the slopes of the Löbauer Berg and the Upper Lusatian mountains. The double peaks of the Löbauer Berg (447 m … Read more

Hiking in Hejnice

hejnice pilgrimage hike oresnik basilica

Hejnice (German: Haindorf) is a small town of about 2,600 people in the Liberec district located at the northern slopes of the Jizera Mountains in the valley of the river Smědá and an important place of Catholic pilgrimage because of an old legend and the basilica there. About 40 km from Görlitz, the beautiful basilica, as … Read more